We work with like-minded advisors building relationships Advisor Logistics is setting up for the long haul. We believe in quality over quantity and only work with a select group of advisors to ensure all of our clients are receiving the White Glove Experience they deserve.

We strive to collaborate with some of the best technological platforms and service providers in our space. This builds industry connections and keeps us up to date with the best technology for trading and portfolio management. 

We seek to not only provide institutional level of oversight, but to communicate things to you through various confirmations, reports, and archives.  In addition to that, we keep a detailed archive of all trades, including blotters and trade packets with both trade creation and reconciliation. 

Our team is available and operating every trading day.  Feel at peace knowing that you can exit the office with the backup of a team of skilled personal and traders that can monitor and execute for you.  Additionally, we are spread across three cities and in two states: having continuity in case of a natural disaster or local power outages.