Advisor Logistics

White glove portfolio management for the consummate advisor

Remain in complete control while Advisor Logistics carries out what you want, how you want it. We implement your portfolio practices, preferences, and...
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Outsourced Portfolio Management

Advisor Logistics continuously monitors your portfolios to identify various types of trading needs: Direct Orders, Significant Transactions, Cash Management, Variance...
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5 Pillar Trade Management

Advisor Logistics utilizes customized financial software and proprietary analysis tools to ensure your clients and their assets are always being...
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Oversight Reporting & Diagnostics

Our Purpose

Advisor Logistics is a highly skilled and seasoned group of former investment advisors, portfolio managers and financial software experts offering customized portfolio management overlay services to the RIA Community. Our team allows advisors to focus on what’s important to them while outsourcing their back office portfolio management responsibilities to us for a competitive cost alternative to hiring a TAMP or purchasing software and hiring, training, and managing a full-time staff.

Advisor Logistics was created with the consummate advisor in mind. By providing a fully scalable outsourced management solution, we allow the advisor to focus on what is important to them while we take care of the rest.